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MN website company

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

The most common question web development companies get asked is: “How much does a website cost”. Since not every web design company is the same there is no one answer to how much a website costs. Some web development companies offer flat fee pricing, some charge by the hour and others offer project pricing for websites. For new websites, WebDuck Designs charges clients on a project basis. This means that upon speaking to a client about a website we take note of all the specifics involved in their new website like: functionality, design and programming. By determining a project price based on the website specifics, it allows us to give clients the best possible price on their website.

Without knowing the details of a website project it is impossible to say how much a website costs. This is because not every website is the same. Some websites require more functionality, thus requiring more work than others and costing more. So be weary of website design companies that give you a website price upfront without knowing exactly what it is you want. If a website development company doesn’t know specifics about your new website than how can they tell you how much it is going to cost because they have no idea how much time it will take to complete your website. To determine the price of a website WebDuck Designs takes into account all of the variables discussed below.

The first component taken into account when pricing a new website is the Design. This doesn’t mean how your website will look as far as colors, fonts, images etc. but how many pages your website will have, what is involved in your website’s navigation and is any animation needed.

Does your website need 10 pages or 100? The more pages your website needs the more your website will cost. This is because the pages are constructed individually thus requiring more work for the web design company.

Does your website’s navigation require special programming? A simple navigation does not cost extra, but if your new website requires drop down menus, rollovers and other extra programming, your website might cost more money.

Do you want flash or other animation on your website? Flash images and other animations require web design companies to have special knowledge and software to create such animations. Because of this extra knowledge and software flash animation tends to raise the website’s cost.

Do you rely on business from the search engines? If a website is designed and built using Search Engine Optimization techniques it is more likely to show up high on search engine queries. Designing a search engine optimized website requires extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms. Because of the extra work and knowledge required to make a website search engine optimized it will raise the cost of a website.

The cost of a website also depends on its functionality. Do you need forms on your website? What about other interactive website functions? Do you require a content management system to update your website yourself? Are you going to need a database to store email addresses from those who contact you? All of these capabilities plus many more require extensive programming to be added on a website. Programming is the most expensive part of a website. The more features you website includes, the more programming it will require and the more expensive your website will be.

While Design, Search Engine Optimization and Functionality all play a part in a website’s price, other factors are also considered. Web development companies with a good amount of experience are likely to charge more than web design companies just starting up their business. With years of experience comes more knowledge which is essentially what clients are paying more for.

A web design company’s portfolio also plays a part in their website pricing. If a website design company has a portfolio full of large, well known clients they will tend to charge more for websites than companies which design for mom and pop shops. However, there are some exceptions to this. WebDuck Designs for example, has developed websites for small businesses to large corporations but still offers competitive pricing on websites.

Prior to contacting a web development company plan out what it is you want out of your website. Make a list of all the functionalities you want, what you want included in the website design and what the goals are of your website. Knowing what you want out of your website will make it easier for web design companies to put together a project scope and give you an accurate price for your website. After reviewing your website wish list with the web design company, ask them to write down exactly what it is you are paying for. Having a detailed scope will allow you to easily compare prices between companies and also make sure that everything you want out of your website is included.

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