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Online Marketing 101
Search Marketing 101
Search Engine Marketing 101

Online Marketing FAQ's

Q. What is Online Marketing?
A. Online marketing is a combination of activities and analysis used to increase website traffic and search engine rankings. Online marketing is also commonly referred to as Search Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

Q. Is Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) the same as Online Marketing?
A. Search Engine Optimization is only 1 part of a successful online marketing campaign. You can visit our website developer resources page for more information on SEO.

Q. Is Online Marketing expensive?
A. Whether or not an online marketing campaign is expensive is totally up to you. Pay Per Click campaigns and purchasing links can run up a budget, however there are limitless alternative way to market online that cost little or no money.

Q. Can I do my own Online Marketing?
A. Yes, in fact online marketing in itself is not too difficult. The success of your online marketing campaign is determined by the amount of time you invest in online marketing as well as how creative you are. Budget and research are also strong factors in deciding your online marketing campaign's effectiveness.

Q. Where can I learn about Online Marketing?
A. The internet of course. The internet is full of blogs, forums, and other websites dedicated to the topic of Online marketing. There are also several good books available about online marketing that will help you get started. We have provided a list of recommended online marketing book in the right column as well as in our website development resources page.

Online Marketing Explained

Let's dive into the world of Online Marketing and explore the various entities that encompass it. One of the biggest most important aspects of Online Marketing is Search Engine Optimizing your website. Even if all your other online marketing efforts are successful, a poorly made website can render your efforts useless. Two of the biggest factors with a search engine optimized website that will affect your online marketing campaign are page content and landing pages.

Page content is the actual html text located within a webpage. The more text and content you have the more important that particular page is going to be in the eyes of both the site visitor and the search engine. When you are writing your page content you also need to pay special attention to keywords. Does your page contain the important keywords? How many times are the important keywords on the page? ( key word density ) Another reason you need to have good content on your web page is so other websites will link to you. Let's face it nobody is going to link to you unless you have good content worth linking to. We all know how important incoming links are!

Landing pages are content pages specifically designed around 2 or 3 keywords. If you design a page around more than three keywords the you risk not having enough keyword density for the most important keywords. Landing pages serve a couple of functions. The first function is to have a page that ranks well in the search engines about a SPECIFIC topic. Remember search engines index EVERY page on your website not just your homepage. The second function of a landing page is to give other websites a place to link to. More landing pages equates into more inbound links.

If you are interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) check out our website development resource page.

Now that we have gone over the seo portion of online marketing let's touch on inbound links or "backlinking" as it is commonly referred to. Backlinking is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. Sounds pretty easy doesn'tt? Well it's not as simple as you might think. Not all incoming links are good links. There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not a link is a good link or a bad links. Some of these factors include the text around the link, the pagerank of the site the link is coming from, the relevance of the page it's coming from in relation to the subject matter on your page and the popularity of the site linking to you. So if you were thinking that throwing up links on every site you can would improve your search engine ranking then you are wrong. The irony of this is that placing inbound links on every website you can WILL increase site traffic. Now you have to decide what is more important. The traffic or the ranking?

Ok, you have a search engine optimized website and lots of good backlinks so what else can you do to market your website online? How about analysis and tweaking your site? That's right. I said analysis and tweaking. Most web hosting companies offer either Urchin, Webalizer, or Awstats as part of there hosting package. These stat programs are a useful tool for checking your website for trends that you can use to improve your site's performance.

Stat programs offer a plethera of information. It can be overwelming at first so I'm going to help you out. The most important statistics are unique visitors, referring sites, referring keywords, and robot/spider visits.

The unique visitor statistic tells you how many DIFFERENT people visit your site. Watching this statistic month to month will help you see the results of the hard work you invested in your onilne marketing campaign.

The referring sites statistic is for checking where visitors are coming from. This statistic will show which websites are sending traffic your way.

The Referring keywords statistic is probably the most important stat next to the unique vistior site. This statistic lists the keywords that people are finding you under when they perform searches on search engine sites. Place close attention to this statistic becuase if you don't see your most important keywords listed here then you need to make some adjustments to your website's content.

Last but not least we have the robot/spider visits statistic. This statistic shows you which search engine robots/spiders have visited your website and how many pages they indexed. If you see a low number next to the hits section for this stat then that means the robot is having issues indexing all your pages. You may need a site map or some more text links.

Is there more? Of course there is more. Online marketing never ends. There are tons of other website analysis tools available to help track site visitors, conversions ratios, keyword density, back like popularity, search engine ranking and the list goes on.

Online marketing is not an exact science. If you start with the techniques listed above you will definately see improvements in your website's overall search engine ranking as well as a noticeable increase in website traffic. There is however 1 more part of online marketing that I want to touch on before we conclude. The creative side of Online Marketing.

The creative side of Online Marketing can also be called the competitive side of Online Marketing. The techniques listed above are pretty common knowledge and can be found in well over 100 different websites. It's the creative techniques of online marketing that individuals come up with on there own that really make the biggest difference. These are also the techniques that are harder to find.

Here is some advice on coming up with your own online marketing techniques. First off watch the news. Yup, the regular everyday at 5 or 6 news. The reason is if something is big it usually makes the news and you might find a way to capitalize on it. Ever hear of myspace.com? Everyone has. Even people who have never been there or don't have computers have heard of myspace.com. With that said why not set yourself up a myspace.com account? The newest trend is Youtube. Can you think of a way to capitalize on YouTube's popularity?

I hope the information above helps you with your online marketing efforts. If you liked the information you read and found it helpful then it would be greatly appreciated if you linked this page off of your website. ( I do believe that was online marketing! A back door inbound link solicitation! ) If you have any question about online marketing or have interest in WebDuck Designs Online Marketing packages then drop us a message and we will be happy to respond. Or if you prefer to learn more about online marketing on your own, visit WebDuck University to take an online video tutorial or course.

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