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The Facts About Dexknows

There have been a lot of advertisements about how dexknows.com is better than the search engines. We have spent some time examining Dexknows, the website that claims to “out search the giant search engines”.

How Does Dexknows.com Work?

Dexknows works very similar to how Yellowpages.com works. Businesses pay Dexknows to be listed on Dexknows.com searches. Businesses are listed in Dex searches based on their chosen category and location. The only businesses that are on Dexknows.com are ones who pay to advertise. In the search engines like Google any business that has a website can show up in the search engines, without paying. This means that Dexknows.com limits searchers to only their advertisers, not allowing them to see everything/one that is out there.

When someone visits Dexknows.com they are brought to a screen to search by category and location. The “what” box is where you can search for businesses, but only allows you to search by their predetermined topics. Using predetermined topics limits searchers to Dexknows topic constraints. In order to see any results a location also has to be entered. If you want to locate a national company Dexknows is not the place to search, Dexknows is only for local searches. In the search engines you can search for anything you want and not set a location. Yet another downside to search using Dexknows.

If a visitor searches they are returned with a list of results. Each listing if clicked on brings a visitor to a page with details about that listing. In order to view the listing’s website you have to click on another link. Search engine results bring searchers a list of results which directly link to the listing’s website which avoids having to click around to find all the details on that listing. Dexknows.com’s listing method is a lot more convoluted than using Google or another search engine. On the web a lot of people are impatient which means that Dex’s method is not user friendly.

Are There Any Benefits To Using Dexknows.com?

Dexknows.com spends a lot of money on advertising. Many people have heard of Dex from all of the TV commercials that appear all over the country. Because of all the advertising money put into Dexknows.com businesses that list on the website are likely to make some of their money back.

If your company doesn’t have a website, Dexknows and YellowPages are the perfect place to get your name out on the internet. To be listed in local listings like those on Dex your business doesn’t need to have a website.

While there are some benefits to advertising and using Dexknows.com, the cons of the website far outweigh the pros. I don’t see Google being overpowered by Dexknows anytime soon.

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