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MN website company

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What is Seo? ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" is when a website is created with the specific purpose of showing up high in search engine results when specific keywords are looked up. SEO is NOT the process or steps you take to increase traffic to your site. That particular process is called "Online Marketing" or "Search Engine Marketing". SEO is a valuable component of Search Engine Marketing however by itself results may be limited.

In a perfect world every website is created equal. Unfortunately that is not the case. Search Engine Optimized website requires more planning and development time then a regular website. This extra time spent researching, planning and developing your website will differentiate your website from the millions of competitive websites on the internet.

Not every website needs to be search engine optimized. If your website is about a very obscure topic like "banana flavored rice cakes" then the odds are in your favor that your site will show up high on the search engines without all the extra work that goes into making your website search engine optimized. Another instance in which you may not need to SEO your website is in the event you plan on advertising your website through other media avenues and are not directly dependent upon being found by search engines.

If you have more interest in what Search Engine Optimization is and how it works, you can find out more from our Search Engine Optimization 101 page or our Search Engine Myths and Facts pages.

Are you looking to have a Search Engine Optimized website built? If so WebDuck Designs can build your site for you utilizing all the information and experienced we have accumulated over the last couple of years. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or you may also check out our SEO pricing page.

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