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MN website company

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Website Process: Start To Finish

From our years of web development experience, WebDuck Designs’ website process has been perfected. Every website built by WebDuck Designs is overseen by one of our project managers from start to finish. All of our websites regardless of size go through the same 3 phases: Discovery, Design and Building. Larger websites built by WebDuck Designs go through the above 3 phases as well as an additional phase for Development.

Website Discovery & Planning Phase

The first phase of our website process is the Discovery or Planning Phase. During the website planning phase our project managers sit down with clients to ask as many questions as necessary so that we can fully understand the company and what the project will entail. We will work with the client to determine what pages and functionality are needed for the new website and will make recommendations based on research into their industry and their competitors.

The website planning phase not only includes what the client’s current needs are, but also where the client’s business will be going. Planning for the future will allow our website designers and developers to build a website scalable, so that things can be modified and/or added on easily. We build all of our websites scalable so that when your business grows you will not need a new website, but the website will last for years to come.

Typically clients are responsible for providing us with their website content. We recommend that once the website pages are determined the client should begin writing their website content. Website content writing may seem like a simple task but it can be very daunting and time consuming, so the sooner you start writing the more time you will have to finish your content.

Another thing for clients to decide on during the planning phase is a domain name. If you do not already have a domain name our project managers would be more than happy to help you pick the perfect domain for your new website.

The planning phase is the single most important phase of a website. If a website is not planned properly it is destined to fail and could potentially cost the client more money. The Planning Phase of a website typically takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete which is dependent on the size of a project. Larger projects that involve a lot of database interaction are likely to require a lot more time to plan than the smaller sites.

Website Design Phase

After all the details of a website are planned out our website designers step in to begin the website design phase. Before actually coming up with design concepts our website designers and project managers will work with the client to discuss if they have any design concepts, ideas or other things they want incorporated into their designs. Our website designers will come up with a plan for a user friendly navigation(s) based on the content discussed in the planning phase.

Our website designers will work with the client’s concepts, navigation and incorporate the company’s logo to plan a website design. Our website designers will create one or more website mockups using Adobe Photoshop, which will represent what the website will look like. Once our designers finish a website mockup we will present it to the client for review. Any revisions needed to the website mockup are then made and again presented to the client until we get it perfect. The website design phase typically takes about 2 weeks to complete but is dependent on the amount of time it takes to make any necessary revisions and how much time it takes for the client to approve.

Website Building Phase

Once a website design is finalized, the design is turned over to our website developers to begin the website building phase. We have many development domain names that we use when building client’s websites so we can test the website without interrupting a client’s existing website. Our website developers slice the website mockups using Adobe Fireworks and build website layouts using external CSS and JavaScript. All of the websites developed by WebDuck Designs are cross browser compatible so they will appear the same on computers using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

When our developers are finished building a website home page we show the client to obtain approval before moving forward. If any changes are needed we will make the necessary revisions and then move on to building the inner page template. The inner pages of a website are fairly similar to the home page but typically require some modifications. An inner page template is used to create all of the inner pages of a website to allow for changes to be made easily to all of the inner pages. Once the inner page template is finalized we present it to the client for approval. If the inner page template looks good we then move on to building the individual inner pages at which time the clients content writing is needed.

The website building phase typically takes 1 week to complete depending on the amount of static pages needed, but that time can increase significantly depending on the client. Many times we are waiting to finish the inner pages because the client has not finished with the content writing, which can lead to delays in getting the website up and running.

Website Development Phase

When the website inner pages are all up and running, the website is turned over to our website developers to being the website development phase. During the website development phase any pages that require database interaction, including an admin panel, are created. Since WebDuck Designs does not use premade templates, but builds every website custom the steps involved and the amount of time it takes to complete the development phase varies from project to project.

The website development phase is the final phase in our website process and once it is completed we again review the entire website with the client. The final review allows us to be certain that the entire website meets the proposal and the client’s needs. When the client is happy with the final product we then move all the website files over to the client’s domain name at which time the website goes live. The total time it takes to complete a website from start to finish varies from website to website but averages between 30 days for the simple websites and up to 90 days for a complex database driven website.

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