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Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

What Is A Web Content Management System (CMS)?

Web content management systems also known as Web CMS or Web Administrative Panels, are web applications for managing and creating HTML or CSS website content. Many website admin panels require interaction with a database to store content and other items that are available for updates. IN addition to the database interaction and back end programming, programming is also needed on the front end of the website to call in the data that is being stored in the database and display it based on a set layout.

Website content management systems are typically controlled by users through a browser interface. WebDuck Designs’ admin panels allow administrators to update their website online via a simple user friendly interface. While web CMS do require a lot of programming to set up and modify, once it is setup website content can be updated in the admin panel by non technical administrators. Web CMS, including WebDuck Designs’ custom admin panel, allow administrators with little or no knowledge of programming or markup languages to easily manage and create website content.

When Are Admin Panels Used? Why Are Content Management Systems Used?

Many website companies offer website maintenance contracts that include updating or adding website content. The cost of paying a website company to update your website content frequently can add up quick. Website Admin panels are perfect for websites that require content to be continuously added or updated. While website admin panels might cost you more upfront, you won’t have to pay continuous maintenance fees to make any changes, as you can do them yourself. Not only do website CMS allow you to add or update website content yourself, but you can also do it at your own leisure and never again have to wait for a website company to do anything.

A website admin panel is more than likely not necessary If you have knowledge of programming or markup languages. However, if you are a non technical savvy individual website content management systems are your best bet for making frequent website updates. Most website CMS, including WebDuck Designs’, allow people with little or no computer experience to add or update website content with ease. WebDuck Designs’ website admin panel operates of off a WYSIWYG interface which is similar to that of Microsoft Word, which most people already know how to use.

WebDuck Designs has built custom website admin panels and website admin panel options for many websites. Admin Panel options built by WebDuck Designs include, but are not limited to:

  • Page Updating, items including: text, links, images, video embedding
  • Page Creation
  • Online Store Management including: products, taxes, promotions
  • Website Account and User Management
  • Custom Options include: Events Calendars, News, Image Uploads (for photo galleries, project displays and other purposes), Forums

What Types Of Web CMS Are Available?

While there are many website content management systems available, they all fall under two main types: Premade Content Management Systems or Custom Content Management Systems.

The most popular type of website content management systems are premade or open source CMS. Some of the more well known open source content management systems include: Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress. Just because premade CMS are the most commonly used does not make them the best type of CMS. Open source CMS are generally a lot cheaper than custom CMS for a few reasons: the code is typically free and the options available are limited.

Open source CMS are put together by many developers all over the world. That means that no one knows all of the code that makes the CMS function, making it harder to customize anything. Having been built by many developers also means that there is a lot of extra code to make the CMS function. Extra code on the front end of a website can hurt your website’s search engine ranking. You want your website pages to have as little code as possible and premade CMS don’t allow for that.

Custom content management systems are not used nearly as often as premade CMS, but they are the only CMS used by WebDuck Designs. Custom CMS are likely to cost more than premade CMS, but come with a lot of benefits like: being scalable, allowing for unlimited options and function using as little code as possible.

WebDuck Designs’ custom website admin panels are built 100% in house, which means that we know every inch of the code. Unlike premade CMS you are not stuck within the restraints of the programming, we are able to add on nearly any functionality and as many different options as needed. Since all of the code for our custom admin panel is coded in house we are able to add and modify functionality with as little code as possible. Less code on each page of a website allows for a better code to content ratio, giving it a better chance of showing up high in the search engines.

What Does A Content Management System (CMS) Cost? What Are The Fees For A CMS?

Prices for website content management systems vary based on a number of different factors including: the type of CMS, the functionality and options needed, and the experience of the website company building the CMS. Contact the experienced programmers at WebDuck Designs to get a quote for your website and website CMS.

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