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Is Web Design School Worth Attending To Become A Web Developer?

A large amount of students are enrolled in web design degree or certificate programs, with the intent to become a web designer. Little do these students know, when they graduate with a web design degree it can be very difficult, if not impossible to survive in the web industry. Web Design students graduate only with experience in a controlled web environment and typically study only one method of web design. Because of these and many other factors students interested in web design should not pursue a web design degree but should teach themselves the industry and try to get experience.

Many web design schools use books as the main method of learning and don’t give students enough hands on experience. Books are a great way to learn, but web design schools teach students in a classroom setting which provides a controlled environment. This controlled environment does not show students the real issues that can arise within the web design process. When set out into the world of web design, without prior experience of error handling students will not have the knowledge needed to work through issues. A web design internship can help make the best out of web design school. An internship would give students at least some of the experience necessary to survive in the competitive world of web design.

People can gain just as much knowledge from reading web design books as they can when attending web design school. If you are interested in learning web design, save the money on school and head to the book store. Reading the books used by web design schools on your own allows you to read and practice at your own pace. Many web design books even provide practice work giving you the necessary hands on experience to survive in the web industry.

Web Design schools typically only teach one method of designing websites. There are numerous ways to design websites and by learning only one method students are limited to the work they can perform. Every company is run differently and web design companies are no exception, each has its unique way of designing sites. A Search Engine Optimization Company needs a web designer that knows SEO. Web Design graduates are not likely to have the SEO experience necessary to design websites that are search engine optimized and will thus have problems succeeding with an SEO company. Once you learn one method of web design, it can be hard to learn new methods making it tough to hold a web design job.

As you can see there are many reasons not to enroll in a web design program. Many people find it better to save the money on school and teach themselves the web industry. Instead of attending school for web design, read web design books and try to gain experience.

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