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What Does It Mean To Be SEO Certified?

Let’s first take a look at what being certified means. A certified person is someone whom is able to complete a task or job typically by passing an exam. The whole debate over whether SEO certification is important or even useful starts with who is it that is creating these exams.

Doing a search in Google for SEO certification brings up loads of companies offering SEO certification courses. Most of these courses which certify you as an SEO professional are run by SEO Companies. Since there is no governing body or standards for SEO anyone can offer SEO Certification programs.

SEO is not an exact science so what WebDuck Designs knows about SEO is most likely a little different than what another company knows about SEO. So each SEO Certification course is based on that company’s knowledge of SEO. Who’s to say that if WebDuck Designs takes an SEO course that we don’t know more than the company who is offering SEO Certification?

If you are going to take an SEO Certification course be sure to look into the company that is offering the course. Does their website rank well in the search engines? What about their client’s websites? Make sure the company you are paying to teach you about SEO are truly an expert in the industry.

Who Can Benefit From SEO Certification?

SEO Certification is likely not for experienced SEO Companies but might be beneficial for individuals with minimal or no experience with SEO. If you are just starting out as an SEO Company, getting SEO Certified might be a good way to gain beginner’s knowledge of SEO and might also give you a way to obtain clients. People with little or no knowledge of the internet and SEO will more than likely look at an SEO Certified Company as being an SEO expert.

To give users the best possible results search engines are constantly making changes to their algorithm. Although experience is the best way to become an expert at SEO, SEO Certification Courses might be somewhat helpful for long time SEO Companies to stay on top of the latest changes.

Like most SEO Companies, WebDuck Designs’ knowledge of the search engines comes from experience. Reading what other people have done can give you a place to start but since it is not an exact science there is no way to guarantee what will and won’t work, which is where learning by doing helps. Experience is by far the best way to learn and test SEO tactics. While there are many places to find free information about SEO, these SEO Certification sites charge a pretty penny.

What Does SEO Certification Cost?

Price for SEO Certification vary anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars per year or month. The price to get certified is essentially just paying for a membership with the site. Your membership pays for the ability to read / learn SEO information and to display their particular SEO Certified seal to let everyone know you are certified.

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