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MN website company

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Domain Name / URL Redirect

What Is A Domain Name Redirect?

Domain name redirect also known as URL redirection or forwarding is a technique used to make websites viewable under many URL’s or domain names. For example, type into your browser address bar “http://www.webduckdesigns.net”, you will see that you are redirected to “http://www.minnesotawebsitecompany.com”.

Why Would You Use A Domain Name Redirect?

  • The reason why WebDuck Designs uses domain name redirects is to take advantage of important keywords. Storing website files under a domain name that contains keywords you want to be found under like “Minnesota website company” will help get your website to rank high for those keywords faster. In order to take advantage of a keyword concentrated domain name your website files have to be located under the domain name with your keywords. While your website files may be located elsewhere you can still advertise a domain name with your company name “webduckdesigns.net” and just redirect it to where your website files are.
  • Phishing companies often used to use URL redirects to confuse visitors about what website they are visiting. While they are still sometimes used in this way, visitors are now more likely to know what is going on because their browser will show the real URL they are on. Always be aware of what website you are on and if something looks phishy, LEAVE!
  • Some people purchase common mistypes, spelling errors or variances of their domain name and redirect them to the correct domain name. For example, redirecting “webduckdesign.com” to “webduckdesigns.com” or “sampel.com” to “sample.com”.
  • Do you have a long company name? It might help to advertise the initials of your company name as your URL but redirect the initials to your full company name. For example, we can advertise our domain as “wdd.com” but when someone types that into their browser they are brought to “webduckdesigns.com”. That gives people a domain name that is easier to remember than our long full domain name.

How Do You Set A Domain Name Redirect?

  1. Create an index.php page under the domain name you want to redirect.
  2. Type the following into the index.php page:
  3. Upload index.php and your domain name will now redirect to the URL where your website files are located.
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