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Published Date: 02 - 06 - 2020

PPC management rates…how much should I pay a PPC Agency?

Sure you can manage a PPC campaign on your own, but is that the best way to spend your time and money? Just because you can do something on your own doesn’t mean you should.

We recently put a fence up in our yard. While we could have researched and done the work ourselves, I’m certain it would have taken us a long time to complete and probably had some flaws. We chose to hire an experienced company as they knew what they were doing and knew they’d do a great job. There is a reason why companies like WebDuck Designs exist. We spend the time to understand Google Ads and other ad platforms to get our customers the best bang for their buck.

Our team of PPC advertisers works to optimize your campaign in an effort to get you the best ROI. We will work with you to determine what keywords to target, what your ad should say and what areas to reach. On a routine basis the PPC management team will review your account and continue to optimize the ad campaign to get your cost per conversion as low as possible.

Our PPC Management team works with clients of all sizes, we do not require a minimum spend like most other management companies. We work with clients from budgets of $500 on up. There are also no contracts with our PPC management services. Of course we recommend running ads for at least a few months before determining if your ROI, but you are not locked in for any amount of time.

While our PPC Management service isn’t free, it is very low cost compared to other ad companies. We charge a low percent of your ad budget to setup and manage your PPC ads.

Our ad specialists can help you with: Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Google Ads are the most common for all types of businesses reaching people all across Google Search. For B2C companies Facebook Ads can be a great marketing avenue and cost a lot less per click than Google Ads. B2B companies utilize LinkedIn ads to reach other business leaders and decision makers.

If you’re looking for a PPC Management Company to help maximize your PPC ROI reach out to our team via email or phone at 651-674-3834.   

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