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Published Date: 12 - 11 - 2015

O’Brien Wholesale eBay Website

O’Brien Wholesale has been a top selling used medical and laboratory equipment supplier on eBay for some time and recently started selling on their own website. O’Brien Wholesale buys and sells used medical and laboratory equipment. Their equipment is bought from Government facilities, Universities, Hospitals, and some Private Individuals.

The new website for O’Brien Wholesale launched in December 2015 and features a custom responsive design. The website was also setup to achieve the best possible search engine rankings, taking advantage of all the known SEO tactics.

Their website pulls products and categories direct from their eBay store using the eBay API. This API allows them to enter products in one place and have them appear on both eBay and their website. Payments are also processed via their PayPal account so an extra gateway was needed.

To buy or sell used lab or medical equipment contact O’Brien Wholesale.

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