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Published Date: 09 - 28 - 2015

Is it Time To Give Your Website A Facelift

Let's face it, getting a website up for your business is a lot of work. Whether you do it yourself or hire a development company you still need to approve design concepts and create/provide website content. In some cases just providing website content can take weeks or months. Once your website is completed and launched the last thing anyone want to do is start the process of building another website all over again.

Unfortunately websites are similar to a billboards or a television commercials in that they have a limited shelf life. I might be showing my age here but do you remember the Budweiser frogs? How about the Pizza Hut Noid? During their time they were great but eventually were replaced with something new and different. Unlike a billboard or a commercial, a website can usually use a lot if not all the existing website content making a website rebuild much easier and less time consuming then creating a new website from scratch.

How do you know when it's time to redo your website? There is no single answer to that question so we have put together a short set of guidelines that we use at WebDuck Designs when helping our clients determine whether or not it's time to give their website a makeover.

1. Do you want a new website?
Sometimes the best reason to get a new website is simply because you want a new website. We have received quite a few calls from individuals who want to redo their websites for no reason other than they just want a new website.

2. Is your website mobile friendly?
In spring of 2015, Google and other search engiens have put more emphasis on websites that are built using responsive website construction techniques. In addition to the added emphasis search engines put on mobile friendly websites you also need to consider the fact that just about anyone and everyone uses their mobile devices to search the web. Not too long ago it was acceptable to have a mobile version but like everything else with the internet that method is outdated and no longer the preferred solution. A common mistake people make when determining whether or not their website is mobile friendly is by looking at their website in a mobile device and thinking that it looks fine because the mobile device is displaying a tiny or shrunken version of their website. A shrunken version of a website in a mobile device is a website that is not mobile friendly so the browser is trying to compensate by shrinking the website. Have you tried to click a link on a shrunken website on your phone? If you haven't then take my word for it when I tell you it's quite frustrating.

3. Does your website look old and outdated?
This is a tough one because whether or not a website looks old and outdated is really more of an opinion. The best way to tell if you have old and outdated website is to spend some time doing some searches on the web and looking at other websites. Don't limit your searches to your competitors because your competitors won't necessarily have modern websites. Instead concentrate on large well known companies like Pepsi, General Mills or Best Buy. Large companies tend to keep their websites up to date so they are a great tool tell to help you determine if your website is old and outdated. Another way to help determine if your website could use a facelift is by asking people. When was the last time you asked someone what they thought of your website?

4. Does your website still function properly?
If I had to pick the single biggest reason you should rebuild your website it would be because it no longer functions properly. When was the last time you actually went to your website and clicked through all the pages? You might be surprised at what you find. While surfing the web I have noticed a lot of websites with visible errors popping up, bad SSL certificate, broken links and all sorts of other issues. Technically websites don't have any moving parts so they can't "break" but the servers they are located on are supposed to be updated frequently which sometimes can lead to websites made up of older code to stop functioning properly. Sometimes it's just a simple matter of updating a few lines of code to make them work properly again while other times it requires a complete rebuild.


We hope that these 4 simple guidelines above will help you determine if it is in fact time to give your website a face lift.  If you have any questions or would like another set of eyes to take a look at your website then feel free to give us a call at 651.674.3834 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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